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aqt_screen_grab_keylineAIDS Quilt Touch (2012-present) is a mobile web app that enables people to search for a specific name on any of the 48,000 panels that make up the 1.3 million square fee “NAMES Memorial Quilt. The app “Citizen Scholarship” feature allows visitors to contribute remembrances and history to a Quilt record. Launched at the 2012 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the app’s location-aware services allowed visitors to Washington, D.C. to locate specific panels displayed on the National Mall. Key to our research is the “Citizen Scholarship” feature. The app has had close to 31,000 visitors and over 200 contributions to the site.


ginger_snow_globes_twitter_image“Our Las Vegas” (2012-present) is a cultural animation public art project that celebrates the fierce and passionate connection that local and out of town artists, fiction writers, photographers, musicians, journalists, dancers, designers and other creatives make with “The Radiant City.”



tyneside_novel_icon_118Tyneside Novel (2012) is a Twitter-based experimental literature-multimedia project that evolved over the the course of the June 2012 ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Authors worldwide contributed to an improvisational collaboration to create, in real time, a single, multi-authored work.

“Exquisite Corpse 2.0: Qualitative Analysis of a Community-based Fiction Project.” Short paper authored by Peter Liakarish & Joh Winet, presented at the 2012 international ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems:
Tyneside Novel HQ

Additional: 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada “Vegas Valley Book Festvial Proposal: “The Radiant City

fitn_iconFirst in the Nation (2012) is the most recent of the my U.S. Presidential Election media projects. Photography, text and video reports, primarily from the 2012 GOP and Democratic National Conventions in Tampa and Charlotte were featured in two independent US media organizations. Sixty-one images were displayed on a Sony NSX-46GT1 46” Flat Panel HD Screen at the rate of one a day at the Davenport Iowa Figge Art Museum University of Iowa Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition.


ucol_map_with_add_button_118_wideThe Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature app – “City of Lit” (2010-present) – features information on Iowa City’s rich literary history, highlighting authors and local sites of interest.

Version 2.0 includes a “Citizen Scholarship” feature that allows viewers to contribute commentary, photography audio and video to the app.

City of lit includes biographical and bibliographic information on Iowa city authors, complemented with audio and video clips.


goal_icon_118Goals 2006! launched at the start of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The web-based project celebrated and explored the event’s political, economic and social meaning.

Goal 2006! Card
Goal 2006 Project Page